If you’re accused of a misdemeanor crime – Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Trespass, Petit Theft, Worthless Check, Solicitation, Prostitution, or any other minor offense – you may think you can easily handle the matter. However, you should never dismiss a misdemeanor charge so flippantly. Rather, you need to hire an experienced, knowledgeable defense lawyer immediately to stand by you at this time.

A lawyer will make sure evidence is kept preserved and investigators do their job properly and correctly. Misdemeanor crimes are not always black and white. There are instances where a person was provoked or they acted in self-defense. With a Muñoz Law Firm attorney at your side, we ensure that your story’s side is heard.

The consequence of a misdemeanor conviction can be just as harsh as a felony conviction, which is why it’s so important to hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately after you’ve been arrested. At Munoz Law Firm, you can contact us FOR A FREE CONSULTATION at (813) 657-7709 24 HRS • 7 DAYS A WEEK.