If you’re accused of Assault, Burglary, Arson, Theft, Firearm charges, Child or Elderly Abuse, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Worthless Check, Disorderly Conduct, Trespass, Criminal Mischief, or any other type of offense, at a felony or misdemeanor level – you may think you can easily handle the matter. However, you should NEVER DISMISS a criminal charge no matter how minor it may be so flippantly. Hire an experienced, knowledgeable defense lawyer immediately to stand by you at this time.

At Muñoz Law Firm, we will make sure evidence is kept preserved and investigators do their job properly and correctly. These types of cases are not cut and dry. At times, the accused has been provoked or acted in self-defense. With an attorney, we ensure that your side of the story is heard and understood.

If you’ve been arrested for any felony or misdemeanor, no matter how serious, call us at (813) 657-7709 24 HRS • 7 DAYS A WEEK to get started on your case immediately.