Batteries and Domestic Violence cases are prosecuted aggressively in the State of Florida, regardless of whether or not the victim wants to actually press charges. The reason is that prosecutors fear that the victim is either protecting the accused or being intimidated to dismiss the charges. In many cases of these cases, law enforcement versions are often over-exaggerated, witnesses to the incident were not interviewed, or it simply was a matter of self-defense.

Convictions Can Lead To Major Consequences

At Muñoz Law Firm, we understand how complicated battery and domestic violence cases can get. Often, an arrest will result in a temporary and/or permanent injunction (restraining order) which may force you to have no contact with the victim, who perhaps is a loved one, for a significant period of time. Many people don’t know how easy it can be to get a restraining order. These orders are serious matters, and should be taken as such. A simple phone call – whatever the reason for – may find yourself behind bars for contempt of court.

Any battery or domestic violence conviction can have a negative impact on a divorce or child custody case. It may prevent you from obtaining a concealed weapons license, not to mention the high fines, lengthy probation, and possible incarceration that is often associated with these types of offenses.

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