Unfortunately, when criminal cases involve defendants who are children (minors), they are often not taken as seriously as adult criminal offenses. Many people actually think that after a child turns 18, the offense will simply “fall off their record”. If only it were that simple!

Juveniles, more often than not, are turned over to adult court, especially for the more serious offenses. On top of that, juvenile offenses can include serious penalties like prohibition to possess firearms, mandatory sex offender registry, etc. These things can follow a juvenile into their adult life.

We have represented many juvenile offenders and their families, as we know that their future is at stake. We do everything we can to protect that future. When you’re worried your child is going to be railroaded in the criminal justice system, give our lawyers at Muñoz Law Firm a call at (813) 657-7709 24 HRS • 7 DAYS A WEEK to set up a FREE consultation and see how we can help you and your child.