If you have an outstanding warrant for any reason, including Failure to Appear in Court, Violation of Probation, New Charges, or Contempt of Court, CALL US TODAY! Do not turn yourself in to the jail without legal representation by your side.

The key to resolving a bench warrant smoothly and successfully is to have an attorney by your side BEFORE you arrive in jail. Often, we can get warrants recalled so you can avoid getting booked in jail altogether. For more complex cases, where clients must go through the booking process, we can promptly appear in court and request that a low bond be set or that the person be released on their own recognizance (ROR without paying a bond).

If your loved one is already in custody, CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION at (813) 657-7709 24 HRS • 7 DAYS A WEEK so we can ensure that the appropriate motions are filed immediately to set a reasonable bond where none has been assigned or reduce the bond if the amount is too high.